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Posted date March 2, 2021
Title Assistant Producer in TV News (Manhattan, NY) ($28K/Yr ~ *DOE) (Non Exempt)
Salary $28K/Yr ~ *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY

Posted date September 7, 2018
Title Assistant Graphic Designer(Secaucus, NJ) ($40K/Yr)
Salary $40K/Yr
Location Secaucus, NJ

Posted date July 6, 2017
Title Web Marketing Manager (Japanese Speaking)(Torrance, CA)(Salary: DOE, Up to $100K/Yr)
Salary Up to $100K/Yr *経験を考慮して決定
Location Torrance, CA

Posted date April 6, 2017
Title ANIMEアニメ Sales & Marketing Director/Manager(Manhattan, NY)($50K/Yr~$60K/Yr *DOE)
Salary $50K/Yr~$60K/Yr *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY

Posted date June 13, 2016
Title Assistant Producer(Washington, DC)($28/Yr-$32K/Yr)(TV News)
Salary $28/Yr-$32K/Yr
Location Washington, DC

Posted date February 11, 2015
Title Assistant Producer(勤務地:Manhattan, NY *TV/Media業界)
Salary 30K/yr~ *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY