Job: Sales Asssistant (Secaucus, NJ) ($15/H~, 正社員, Non Exempt)

Title Sales Asssistant (Secaucus, NJ) ($15/H~, 正社員, Non Exempt)
Categories New Jerseyエリア, 事務職系
Posted Date February 20, 2020
Salary $15/H~ *正社員
Location Secaucus, NJ
Job Information

◆Job Title: Sales Assistant


• Engage in Sales activity and ensure that all materials are assigned prior to deadlines.
• Update customer information in the company database when requested.
• Customer service to answer general questions or to gauge their level of satisfaction with the company when required.
• Collaborate with the salesmen to monitor active purchase orders and make sure that orders are completed and processed on time
• Report immediately of any inventory or service issues to responsible party.

◆Work Requirements
• Respond to phone calls and emails from customers.
• Deals with any customer complaints and resolves the issue as necessary.
• Provide troubleshooting assistance for customer orders, account statuses and relevant problems.
• Take care of will call customers by taking their order and contacting warehouse to ensure that their products will be assembled.
• Expedite requests for rush orders and alter sales orders and shipping data as needed.
• Assisting sales representatives to process sales orders accurately and in a timely fashion.
• Provide statements for customers or sales representatives in order to receive payments on time.
• Learning about company merchandise, mailing out the invoice copy to customers
• Stay up-to-date with new product and feature launches to upsell to customers.
• Review sales representatives’ expenses calculations and documents.

• Computer literacy, friendly attire, positive attitude
•    Chinese (mandarin), Japanese, and English speaking

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