Job: Foreign Exchange Desk Officer – Associate(勤務地:Hoboken, NJ) (Salary: DOE)

Title Foreign Exchange Desk Officer – Associate(勤務地:Hoboken, NJ) (Salary: DOE)
Categories New Jerseyエリア, その他専門職系, 事務職系
Posted Date May 27, 2015
Salary DOE *経験により決定。
Location Hoboken, NJ
Job Information

<企業>  金融Bank

<Job Description>
Processes and handles daily FX operations to provide high quality services with new and/or existing customers. Assists Foreign Exchange Desk Manager by supporting and exercising analytical and administrative functions by fulfilling the requirements of client service aspects of the Bank’s foreign exchange business.

Prepares the dealing tickets for foreign exchange transactions to be executed by the Treasury Department.
Processes the daily or periodical reporting to foreign exchange to the clients.
Maintains the FX system setting and the accounting profiles.
Improves workflows, the FX system, databases and physical filing methods.
Communicates with the Parent Bank, service agents and affiliates as needed and liaises between those organizations and the Bank’s operations areas.
Analyzes securities transactions, including corporate actions, of our custodial customers applicable for foreign exchange transactions and creates new workflows.
Assists department manager in making plan, promoting and improving FX services as a product to acquire new customers and new assets and cultivate the on-going relationship with existing customers
Updates various policies, procedures and manuals related to FX services.
Markets new products to meet clients’ needs. Provides information/publications to clients.
Manages maintenance of promotional data, and enhances those data for various uses and develops effective promotional tools/methods and promotes Bank’s products.
Coordinates to improve the Bank’s services including custody and other products.
Conducts regulatory compliance practices including BSA requirements.
(Obtains appropriate information from proposed customers such as customer name, address, taxpayer identification number and government-issued documents.)
Assists department manager’s responsibilities and other managers’ responsibilities in the department during his/her absence.
Performs all other duties as assigned by Management.
Provide high quality work by ensuring accuracy and seeking to continuously improve our processes and platforms by embracing new and better ways of doing things.
Enhance employee’s knowledge and understanding of job responsibilities through continuous communication and on the job training. Training should focus on establishing high quality/accuracy of work.

General Compliance Responsibilities:

Monitors the business activities and/or operations of the Bank for activities that are suspicious or potentially suspicious, and utilizing the Reportable Events Form found in the Bank’s Public Folders, promptly reports such activities to the Regulatory Compliance Department and to Human Resources.

Each employee of the Bank shall be required to (a) attend all seminars that are conducted in connection with the Bank’s ongoing compliance-related training program, including all seminars relating to Bank Secrecy Act/ Anti-Money Laundering (“BSA/AML”) requirements and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) regulations and (b) take and pass all tests that are administered in connection with the training program, including those relating to BSA/AML and OFAC-related issues.


General Risk Management Responsibilities: Has good knowledge of applicable risk management practices required to create a culture of risk management compliance for his or her group or department. Identifies, assesses, and monitors applicable risks based on the Bank’s risk management policies and procedures. Reviews work of subordinates for risk management purposes, if applicable.

Exhibits best practice risk management skills through effective internal risk controls, risk monitoring, risk assessment and improvement of risk management processes.

Specific type of risks applicable to the job function such as credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, legal/compliance risk, reputational risk and information security risk shall be discussed with the manager and senior manager of the area.

Either bachelor’s degrees in Business, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, or equivalent preferred.
2 or 3 years Work experience (work experience in Financial Institution preferred)
Strong PC skills in Japanese and English (MS Word and Excel. Access preferred).
Strong communication skills (verbal/written) in Japanese and English.
Excellent analytical and mathematical skills.

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