Job: Executive Assistant (Manhattan, NY) ($70-95k/Yr DOE)

Title Executive Assistant (Manhattan, NY) ($70-95k/Yr DOE)
Categories 事務職系
Posted Date May 3, 2023
Salary $70K/Yr ~ $95K/Yr DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

<Department Overview:>
The Americas Division (“AD”) was established in the THE COMPANY to perform corporate functions and supervise U.S. entities. Established under the AD are the “Global Banking Unit (“GBU”), Americas Division” and “Global Markets Unit (“GMU”), Americas Division” which performs business functions. The Administration Department (“ADM”) provides resources and various support services that facilitate the Branch’s flow of business in a cost-efficient way. ADM manages communication with Head Office and Branch departments on various issues, including the management of the disaster recovery process.

<Position Overview:>
This position is a high-level administrative support role that requires a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality, and attention to detail. The position is responsible for managing the daily activities of the bank’s top-level executives, including the GM of AD, GM of GBU, and GM of GMU. Follow established guidelines for day-to-day, routine operational and administrative work. May be required to use some independent thought to handle complex issues. Focus on execution within defined parameters, some expansion based on developing capabilities or experiences in conjunction with experienced staff. May have informal supervisory functions assigned.

<Duties and Responsibilities:>

1. Provide secretarial assistance to the General Manager(s) of the AD, GBU and GMU including typing/word processing, handling internal and outside mail and email, phone calls, scheduling appointments, travel and entertainment arrangements/reimbursement including HO reporting, and holiday cards.
2. Keep track of the daily schedule of the General Manager(s), check the schedule each morning, and confirm with the General Manager(s) if there are any logistical needs. In addition, every Friday, the executive assistant is expected to explain the next week’s schedule to the General Manager(s) and discuss administrative issues with them. Centralized management of the GM schedule (whenever a staff member schedules an appointment with the GM, they must go through the executive assistant, who schedules the appointment in consideration of the GM’s situation).
3. Responsible for establishing good working relationships with all the secretariat offices of Japanese and non-Japanese Corporations in the US, which THE COMPANY has ongoing or potential business relations, so as to maintain and promote business relationships among the entities.
4. Coordinate logistics with the external counterparties, including meetings setup which may be in-person or videoconference, and select and reserve banquet venue, gifts, and limo. Prepare appreciation letter and/or e-mails as well as meeting record after the event.
5. Support and assist the General Manager(s) to implement business events, as assigned, including coordinating ABC meeting and other meetings as needed.
6. Liaise across the Bank and with HO on behalf of the General Manager(s,) under the General Manager’s instructions. Communicate with and report to HO Corporate Secretariat Office as needed and manage logistics with HO executives such as setting up meetings (Outlook/Zoom setup, meeting host). Assist the GM with attendance by keeping track of various head office meeting schedule.
7. Assists with various travel arrangements for Head Office THE COMPANY employees including the arrangement of events related to the IMF meeting, etc.
8. Assist and support the General Manager(s) personal related matters, such as housing, annual health checkup, tax return, on an as needed basis.
9. Performs other duties and responsibilities required by General Manager(s).

<Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:>
1. Bachelor’s degree in business or its equivalent with 3+ years of related experience.
2. Bilingual oral and written skills on a business level in both English and Japanese.
3. Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
4. Excellent interpersonal skills, good oral and written communication skills.
5. Good organizational and multitasking skills.
6. At least 5 years of executive assistance experience in a company with more than 200 employees.

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