Job: Technical Customer Support ($50k/yr ~ $70K/yr *DOE) (Manhattan, NY) (IT Company)

Title Technical Customer Support ($50k/yr ~ $70K/yr *DOE) (Manhattan, NY) (IT Company)
Categories IT職系
Posted Date August 26, 2015
Salary $50K/yr ~ $70K/yr *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

<企業>  IT Company

<雇用形態>  正社員

Type : Full Time
VISA Support : Yes

< Requirement >
A) Bilingual English – Japanese
B) Minimum 3 years experience of IT Technical Customer Support or Help desk
( IT業界でのTechnical Customer Support 又はHelp Desk 業務で最低3年程度の経験があること)

Required to be applicable any three below 1 to 5:
1. Experience on troubleshooting of PCs / Email for setting and configuring
(PC、Email の設定・トラブルシューティングに関するサポートの経験があること)

2. Experience of troubleshooting with circuit carrier and vendors
(回線キャリア / ベンダ とのトラブルシューティング業務の経験があること)

3. Experience of user support for Internet / LAN Network / Server (Unix/Windows) (Internet / LAN Network / Server (Unix/Windows) のトラブルに関するサポートの業務の経験があること)

4. Experience of supervising technical staff at IT industries
(IT 業界でTechnical に関連する staff の管理、監督の経験があること)

5. Experience of technical work at ISP / Carrier / Vendor
(ISP/Carrier/Vendor での技術的、技術よりの業務経験があること)

< Job Description >
Managing technical customer support group for daily operation:
• Consults customer’s network environment with company’s products & services

• Responds calls by phone or email from customers for troubles.

• Assists and helps customer for technical issues and troubleshooting.

• Troubleshooting any trouble related to services 24 x 7 basis

(Troubleshooting duty could be shift and in rotation.)
• Prepares and provides planned outage and maintenance notices, distributes outage notices in case of highly impacting business for customers

• Creates troubleshooting reports upon customers’ request

• Reports status and risk of troubles to top management regularly

• Provides installation, analysis and other field services at site.

• Maintains relations with customers on all technical matters.

• Diagnoses and recommends suitable products or services to fit the customer’s needs.

• Investigates troubles and finds causes. Prepares countermeasures and updates trouble shooting manuals. Feeds back information to engineering department for continuous improvements of products and services.

• Supervises staffs and continuous training to staffs to keep quality of technical customer support.

• Improves overall operation; work flow, processes, reporting, research procedures, recording procedures etc., for efficient work of Technical Customer Support group

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