Job: Server Engineer (Los Angeles, CA) (DOE)

Title Server Engineer (Los Angeles, CA) (DOE)
Categories IT職系, Otherエリア
Posted Date July 27, 2020
Salary DOE
Location Los Angeles, CA
Job Information

Bilingual English (Fluent: Be able to speak and type business emails) – Japanese (Fluent: Be able to type business emails and speak business Japanese)


Prefer an experienced candidate with minimum of 2-3 years in IT Industry with engineer duties.
A person who can multitask and be able to work collaborative in teams.
Experiences over 3 years are welcome.

[Job Description]
Description of Responsibilities
•Analyzes potential client’s needs, market trends & demands. Creates made-to-order services and products for clients with utilizing available Internet related Products, Services and Technologies.
•Implement and upgrade existing and new services & solutions.
•Technical Consultation for customers.
•Technical Project Management for pre-sales and post-sales.
•Control projects, vendors and sub-contractors for delivery and completion of projects on time.
•Provide installation, analysis and other field services at site.
•Operate, maintain, and troubleshoot Network/Server/IT related systems.
•Customer support for high technical level issue.
•Troubleshooting of high technical level issue for 24 hours x 7days on-call duty (Not full shift duty).
•Manages existing accounts for all technical issues.

Los Angeles, CA

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