Job: Senior IT User Support Specialist (Non Exempt) (Houston, TX) ($80-85K/Yr DOE)

Title Senior IT User Support Specialist (Non Exempt) (Houston, TX) ($80-85K/Yr DOE)
Categories IT職系, Otherエリア
Posted Date February 13, 2024
Salary $80K/Yr ~ $85K/Yr DOE
Location Houston, TX
Job Information

★Tier 2,3のUser Supportで経験者の求人です。
 Tier1 Levelのスタッフをスーパーバイズし、リードして頂く役割です。


<Tier 2 and Tier 3 User Support and Consultation>70%
• Provides analytical expertise and assists in a variety of user support activities, including, but not limited to, pre-consultation on procurement of IT products; consultation and advice for end users in problem resolution; guidance for troubleshooting by self-diagnosis and detailed investigation; development of troubleshooting scripts for end user support and technical support in the setup, installation and configuration of desktop hardware and software based on experience; perform desktop application test to ensure compatibility and education and independent decision-making skills.
• Participates in the design, testing and deployment of client configurations throughout the company.
• Consults with end-users to determine the most effective use and control of the end user H/W, S/W, system functionality and support functions based on own knowledge and experience.
• Develops documents, design, analyze, modify and test programs based on and related to specifications.
• Develops training programs and materials as well as user instruction to improve business operations

<System engineering>30%
• Participate in design, implementation, and refinement of product development, testing, and manufacturing processes.
• Support project managers with project logistics and resource allocation.
• Strives to improve efficiency and sustainability of processes and product designs, and to reduce waste.
• Assist in creating and overseeing project budgets and engages in cost management strategies.
• Attends trade shows and conferences, and makes site visits to suppliers’ facilities.
• Communicates technical information to non-technical stakeholders, including investors and potential customers.
• Maintains high level expertise in their field or sector.
• Assures that processes meet quality and safety compliance guidelines.
• Collaborates with othermembers of cross functional team.
• Forges and maintains relationships with suppliers and customers.

1. Technical knowledge and experience.
2. Problem-solving and analytical skills
3. Knowledge of system management tools
4. Excellent customer service skills
5. Excellent communication skills
6. Excellent written and oral communication skills
7. Strong documentation skills
8. Japanese language skill

◆Knowledge and Skills
• Required:
1. 5+ years of IT User Support Experience is required.
2. Project supervision experience
3. Business and technical planning and managing project resources and budgets
4. Strong analytical and Problem-solving skills, as well as developing recommendations and solutions
5. Team Orientated approach (i.e. Colleagues, Clients, and Vendors)

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