Job: Sales (IT Industry )

Title Sales (IT Industry )
Categories IT職系, Sales職系, 急募:派遣/パート
Posted Date September 12, 2014
Salary $40K-$60K/yr
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

<企業> 日系大手IT企業

<雇用形態>  正社員 (Exempt)

■ Job Description:
• Contact new and existing customers to discuss their needs, and to explain how these needs could be met by specific products and services.
• Answer customers’ questions about products, prices, availability, or credit terms.
• Quote prices, credit terms, or other bid specifications.
• Emphasize product features based on analyses of customers’ needs and on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations.
• Negotiate prices or terms of sales or service agreements.
• Maintain customer records, using automated systems.
• Identify prospective customers by using business directories, following leads from existing clients, participating in organizations and clubs, and attending trade shows and conferences.
• Prepare sales contracts for orders obtained, and submit orders for processing.
• Select the correct products or assist customers in making product selections, based on customers’ needs, product specifications, and applicable regulations.
• Collaborate with colleagues to exchange information, such as selling strategies or marketing information. Prepare sales presentations or proposals to explain product specifications or applications.
• Demonstrate and explain the operation and use of products.
• Provide customers with ongoing technical support.
• Inform customers of estimated delivery schedules, service contracts, warranties, or other information pertaining to purchased products. Attend sales and trade meetings, and read related publications in order to obtain information about market conditions, business trends, and industry developments.
• Visit establishments to evaluate needs or to promote product or service sales.
• Complete expense reports, sales reports, or other paperwork.
• Initiate sales campaigns and follow marketing plan guidelines in order to meet sales and production expectations.
• Recommend ways for customers to alter product usage in order to improve production.
• Complete product and development training as required.

■ Other Information
• Wage : $40K-$60K/yr
• Status : Full-time
• FSLA : Exempt
• Regular hours: 9:00-17:00, Mon- Fri
• Start Date: Immediately (introductory period during initial 3 months)
• Benefit: Health, Dental, Vision, Life insurance; Paid Vacation; Paid Holidays;

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