Job: Regional Sales Manager (Manhattn, NY) ($60K/Yr-$70K/Yr *DOE) (日本語&英語Bilingual)

Title Regional Sales Manager (Manhattn, NY) ($60K/Yr-$70K/Yr *DOE) (日本語&英語Bilingual)
Categories Managementレベル職, Sales職系
Posted Date March 4, 2020
Salary $60K/Yr-$70K/Yr *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

◆ポジション:Regional Sales Manager (Exempt)

◆General Position Summary
This position is responsible for regional sales activities and revenue as well as supervision of sales activities of staff members who are doing sales activity in the region (East Coast, NY, NJ, MA, CT, IL and Canada). Success of this position is measured in overall regional accounts revenue generation.

◆Essential Job Functions
1)Sales 2)Supervision 3)Miscellaneous

◆Job Dimensions (skills, abilities & personal traits)
Confidentiality, Decision-making, Diplomacy, Dependability/Reliability, Employee Development, Flexibility & Adaptability, Interpersonal & Communication Skills (reading, writing and speaking), Listening & Understanding, Monitoring/Control, Negotiation, Product Knowledge, Sales, Sales Management, Strategic Planning, Supervising & Directing

 Frequent local and infrequent regional travels are required.


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