Job: Network Engineer (Manhattan, NY) ($114K/Yr~$130K/Yr DOE)

Title Network Engineer (Manhattan, NY) ($114K/Yr~$130K/Yr DOE)
Categories IT職系
Posted Date April 12, 2022
Salary $114K/Yr~130K/Yr DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

English and Japanese Bilingual Preferred
but it is possible to consider any candidate who does not have Japanese language skill too.

<<Key Accountabilities>>

<IT Infrastructure system consultation:>
• Develop and lead IT infrastructure related technological projects for clients.
• Create and present business proposals to improve customer’s business value or to enhance business efficiency.
• Conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify growth opportunities.
• Review and analyze company information, including business process, IT related documents, technological data to plan projects.
• Assist clients to check their IT infrastructure complies company’s guidelines and compliances standards

<Project Management:>
• Plan and implement network, security, and some other IT infrastructure related projects
• Communicate with customers to help defining project scopes, goals and deliverables
• Define tasks and required resources
• Manage project team
• Create and oversee project budgets
• Allocate project resources
• Create schedule and project timeline
• Oversee project logistics to meet project schedule
• Track deliverables
• Support and directing project team
• Advocate on behalf of team members by securing adequate resources for success
• Lead quality assurance
• Monitor and report on project progress
• Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problem and solutions
• Implement and manage changes when necessary to meet project outputs
• Evaluate and assesse result of project
• Establish and maintain good relationship with IT vendors and fully utilize, well manage, control their capabilities.

<Network engineering, management and operation:>
• System engineering as followings:
a. Design, implement, and refine product development, testing, and manufacturing processes.
b. Manage staff and assign tasks to engineering and technical personnel.
c. Lead teams in the development of new products, solutions, and processes.
d. Strive to improve efficiency and sustainability of processes and product designs, and to reduce waste.
e. Secure the resources needed for teams to excel, including researching and proposing capital investments.
f. Communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders, including investors and potential customers.
g. Maintain high level expertise in their field or sector.
h. Assure that processes meet quality and safety compliance guidelines.
i. Collaborate with other team leaders and departments.
j. Forge and maintaining relationships with suppliers and customers.
• Data Center management and operation
a. Colocation service management and maintenance
b. Cloud (IaaS/PaaS) service management and maintenance
• Security system engineering as followings:
a. Define security requirement, designing, implementation, management and operation such as following
i. Firewall / Web application firewall
ii. Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Detection and Prevention
iii. Multi Factor Authentication
iv. Network Access Control
v. Endpoint Detection and Response / Managed Detection and Response
vi. Proxy
vii. Anti-virus / malware
• Network system engineering as followings:
a. Define network requirement, designing, implementation, management and operation such as following
i. Router
ii. Switch
iii. Firewall
iv. Wi-Fi system
v. MPLS network service
vi. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
vii. SD-WAN / SD-LAN
viii. Remote VPN solution
ix. WAN Optimization and Acceleration
• Telephone system engineering as followings:
a. Define system requirement, designing, implementation, management and operation such as following
i. On-premise PBX
ii. Cloud PBX services
• Video conference system, digital whiteboard selection, implementation, management and maintenance

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