Job: Manager(Exempt), Business Development (Manhattan, NY) ($110K/Yr + Bonus制度)

Title Manager(Exempt), Business Development (Manhattan, NY) ($110K/Yr + Bonus制度)
Categories IT職系, Sales職系
Salary $110K/Yr + Bonus制度
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

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1) Job Title: Manager, Business Development

2) Job Summary: This position is responsible for conducting IoT related business development including finding new partners which bring new values to the company (headquarter). This position also requires the function of service delivery and sales support of the company USA’s services.

3) Work Hours: Generally, you will be expected to work thirty-five (35) hours per week, seven (7) hours per day in addition to a one (1) hour unpaid meal break. However, your work schedule may change depending on the business needs of the Company. Additionally, you may be required to work beyond normal working hours, based on business necessity.

4) Language: Above business level in both Japanese and English.

5) Primary Duties: Under the direction of the company’s management,

6) 補足情報
・Base$110K+Bonus(約束無し), 保険等のBenefit+401K
・開始日 2021年2月1日
・Business Development部にてIoT関連の提案をお客様の希望のもとデザインし、システムを構築、Customer ServiceとEngineerが両方できる方


1. Business/Solution Development

1) Reaching out to the customers and actively listen to their needs and requirements
2) Summarize the customers’ needs and prepare requirement definition documents for solution development
3) Contact with different vendors, compare capabilities, and find the best partner for solution development
4) Overall project management to deliver the solution to the customer in time
5) Communicate and collaborate with the company (headquarter) and the company Group companies in different projects

2. Sales Support

1) Conduct research and find innovative services and companies. Negotiate and contract with third party partners, maintain the relationships with them
2) Find suitable products/solutions as per Sales team’s requirements. Conduct or supervise evaluation tests if needed
3) Prepare supporting documents for the Sales team’s customer proposal.
4) Actively participate industry tradeshows, engage in startup events/communities so that good new companies can be discovered
5) Other duties assigned

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