Job: Jr. Network & Server Engineer(Manhattan, NY)($40/Yr~$50/Yr *DOE)(ビザサポート有、IT専攻新卒も可)

Title Jr. Network & Server Engineer(Manhattan, NY)($40/Yr~$50/Yr *DOE)(ビザサポート有、IT専攻新卒も可)
Categories IT職系
Posted Date March 7, 2016
Salary $40/Yr~$50/Yr *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

<企業>  IT Company

<雇用形態>  正社員


Position: Jr. Network & Server Engineer
Type: Full Time
VISA Support: Yes

< Requirement >
A) Bilingual English – Japanese
B) Preferred to be Minimum 2 years’ experience of SI (System Integration)
(SI 業務で2年程度の経験があることが望ましい。) ※ IT専攻者、新卒も可。

Preferred to being applicable any two below 1 to 6:
1. Experience on design and build IP Phone System like Cisco Call Manager or Avaya. (Cisco/Avaya を利用したIP Phone システムの構築経験があること)
2. Experience of application with Cisco products (Router/Switch) with knowledge of debug (最低 Cisco 製品 (ルータ/スイッチ) の実使用経験と debug の知識があること)
3. Experience on design and build application, routing, Firewall / VPN on UNIX
(Routing, Application, UNIX, Firewall/VPN 等での設計・構築経験があること)
4. Experience of proposal and system integration with knowledge of Exchange and Active Directory on Microsoft Windows Server. (Microsoft Windows ServerにてActive DirectoryおよびExchangeの知識・運用経験があり、それらを 利用したシステムをお客様に提案し構築を行える。)
5. Experience of IT Project Management of Office Relocation Project (Office 引越し関連のIT PM の実績があること )
6. Experience of work at ISP / Carrier
(ISP/Carrier での業務に従事した経験があること)

< Job Description >
• Analyzes potential client’s needs, market trends & demands. Creates made-to-order services and products for clients with utilizing available Internet related Products, Services and Technologies.

• Technical Project Management for pre-sales and post-sales.
• Implement and upgrade existing and new solutions.
• Operates, maintains, and troubleshoots Network/Server/Phone system.
• Technical Consultation for customers.
• Customer supports for high technical level issue.

• Controls projects and circuit providers (carriers) for on-time circuit turn-up and troubleshooting.
• Provides installation, analysis and other field services at site.
• Manages existing accounts for all technical issues.
• Implement and upgrade existing and new services.

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