Job: ICT Business Planning Product Manager (Staten Island, NY) ($83K/Yr – $125K/Yr *DOE)

Title ICT Business Planning Product Manager (Staten Island, NY) ($83K/Yr – $125K/Yr *DOE)
Categories IT職系, Sales職系
Posted Date June 1, 2021
Salary $83K/Yr – $125K/Yr *DOE
Location Staten Island, NY
Job Information


◆Job Description:
We are looking for a highly motivated and customer-oriented Product Manager to manage current products / create new products for our customers in our ICT Business Planning Department. You will be in charge of a variety of tasks related to our products, and support our Sales Teams to enhance sales of these products.

◆Variety of tasks will include,

1.Develop and Create new product (pricing, agreement templates, internal flow, system APIs, billing, O&M).
2.Handle daily operations of the current products.
3.Support Sales teams, Sales support teams across all THE COMPANY’s departments related to the product.
4.Research trends on New Products.
5.Restructuring Product Portfolio (includes ending old products).
6.Communication and manage relations with Partner/Vendor.
7.Create new product materials (either Japanese/US) and other internal decks as required.
8.Collect and report KPIs (internal sales data etc.).
9.Assist in creating product strategy.

◆Qualification / Requirement

1.Bachelor’s degree and experience in the IT field.
Our products are in a wide variety, and include but not limited to the followings.
Cloud Service / SD-WAN Service / Remote Access Service
Data Center
System Integration Service
Network Services
Managed Services
2.Project Management Skills
3.Language (Japanese Native / English Fluent)
4.Commitment to working 24/7 where needed and long hours where necessary.
5.Must be comfortable working in an environment with many changeable demands and priorities.
6.Strong organizational and copywriting skills.
7.Excellent attention to detail, including grammar and spelling.
8.Strong presentation skills (both written and spoken), creativity and adaptability.

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