Job: Engineer, Network and Infrastructure, Professional Services (Manhattan, NY) (DOE)

Title Engineer, Network and Infrastructure, Professional Services (Manhattan, NY) (DOE)
Categories IT職系
Posted Date March 3, 2020
Salary DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

★ IT Customer Supportの経験者の募集です ★

[Job Title]
Engineer, Network and Infrastructure, Professional Services

Bilingual English (Fluent: Be able to speak and type business emails) – Japanese (Fluent: Be able to type business emails and speak business Japanese)


Prefer an experienced candidate with minimum of 2-3 years of customer support in IT Industry with Help Desk duties.
A person who can multitask and be able to work collaborative in teams.
Experiences over 3 years are welcome.

[Job Description]
◆Objective of this Position
The primary objective is to provide exceptional service to a client by having experienced Japanese-English bilingual engineer attending as a contractor to maintain respectable customer satisfaction as well as expanding our business relationship with them through the company’s services and products.

◆Position Duties & Responsibilities as a contractor
o Follow contracting company rules, regulations, and attached Contractor Specification Memo as well as the company Employee Handbook.
o Assist support team members in a timely manner
o Develop good teamwork with other employees and external vendors and staff.
o Configure, operate, and maintain existing systems of the End-user.
o Perform technical support and troubleshooting of sever, PC, and Network of the End-user.
o Provide solutions and perform trouble isolation to the End-user.
o Troubleshoot products and services for 24 hours x 7days on-call duty.
o Report, archive solutions, and countermeasure troubleshooting for future references.
o Support evaluation, implementation, and upgrade existing and new systems.
o Report the status of each support and troubleshooting progress to your team/leader.
o Work on any additional tasks requested by supervisor as needed.
o Details of assigned tasks could change per contract term.
• Position Duties & Responsibilities
• To improve customer satisfaction as a contractor; report to Manager of Professional Services Department once a month about activities, provided services, assistance of client needs, and contribution towards future projects to be able to handle properly.

◆Technical Qualifications
Adjustable to the latest standard of technologies to provide appropriate IT-solutions that meets customer’s requirement.
• Microsoft, VMware, Symantec and other major software vendor’s product.
• Cisco, Palo Alto and other major network vendor’s devices, software and services.
• Unix/Linux and Windows server operation and maintenance.
• Security software and solutions for servers and PCs.
• Local and Wide Area Network technologies.
• Virtualization and storage technologies.

[Starting Salary]
DOE。経験によりNegotiable です。

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