Job: Business Development Senior Manager (Manhattan, NY) (Base $100K/YR+Bonus)

Title Business Development Senior Manager (Manhattan, NY) (Base $100K/YR+Bonus)
Categories IT職系, Managementレベル職, Sales職系
Posted Date February 15, 2019
Salary Base $100K/YR+Bonus
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

◆Position: Business Development Senior Manager

◆General Summary
This position is responsible for conducting business development including finding new partners which bring new values to the company. This position also requires the function of service delivery and operational support of the company USA’s services.

◆Primary Job Functions
1. Business Development
1) Find innovative services and companies which would bring new values and revenue to the company and the company’s USA
2) Find potential customers and partners for IoT, Global communications, and Smart Life Services in US
3) Reaching out to those companies and build relationships and establish contracts
4) Actively listen to the needs and requirements of potential customer in order to find best fit companies to partner with
5) Create supporting materials for both internal and external meetings
6) Actively participate industry tradeshows, engage in startup events/communities so that good new companies can be discovered
7) Plan and conduct above items on his/her own under the supervision of the superior

2. Service Delivery and Operational
1) Support and help the delivery and operation of the company USA’s IoT and Mobile Solution services (service planning, provisioning, billing, helpdesk, etc.)
2) In order to execute contracts, help to process necessary workflows by following the company protocols and using the system
3) Negotiate and contract with third party partners, maintain the relationships with them

◆Other requirements
Excellent written and oral communication skills to prepare reports and to communicate in English and Japanese.
4 year –college degree is preferred.
Excellent skills on MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
Business Developmentの経験、IT関連営業経験がある方。

・Benefits- 401K, insurances, PTO, etc.
・Regular Work schedule: from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM (1hour unpaid lunch含む)

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