Job: 大手旅行会社/①手配担当、②販売担当(Jersey city, NJ)(新卒/$30K/Yr~、経験者/DOE)

Title 大手旅行会社/①手配担当、②販売担当(Jersey city, NJ)(新卒/$30K/Yr~、経験者/DOE)
Categories New Jerseyエリア, Sales職系, 旅行/ホスピタリティー業界職系
Posted Date June 1, 2017
Salary 新卒/$30K/Yr~、経験者/DOE
Location Jersey City, NJ
Job Information

◆日本語&英語 バイリンガルポジション
◆募集職種 ①手配担当  ②販売担当
◆勤務地:Jersey city, NJ (ManhattanからもPath trainで通勤可能)
◆給与:新卒/$30K/Yr~ 、 経験者/DOE

①手配担当/Operation/Planning and Developing
Essential Job Functions
1 Plans new tours and product lines to meet the FIT demand.
2 Handles operations and arranges buses, guides, admissions, Amtrak tickets, air tickets, show tickets, restaurants, etc.
3 Improves and maintains operational efficiency and profitability.
4 Resolves daily occurrences such as weather delays, cancellations, traffic delays, etc.
5 Answers questions from Sales team and travel agencies.
6 Makes estimates for special requests and arrangements.
7 Deals with complaints or suggestions from customers.
8 Closes tour transactions monthly and reports costs and profits.
9 Sets up promotion campaign for web customers and agencies.
10 Fully understands and acts upon our customer needs at all times.
11 Negotiates with operators for prices, itineraries, etc.
12 Communicates well with operators, sales team, and travel agencies.
13 Uses judgment in regular interactions with operators and related parties.
14 Consults with one’s superiors or experienced colleagues when troubleshooting.
15 Maintains and develops strong customer base through good assistance, high quality service, and timely interaction with sales staff.
16 Understand one’s function from a bigger, organizational perspective, and its impact on daily activities.

②販売担当/ Travel Arrangement & Sales
Essential Job Functions
1 Corresponds with clients and answers inquiries, provides suggestions and/or makes sales via web, emails and phone calls.
2 Makes travel arrangements such as airfare, cruises, and hotels for customers including agencies.
3 Conducts sales promotion activities such as sales calls to agencies, flyer promotions, media advertisements, etc.
4 Provides various travel information to customers such as destinations, fares and travel regulations to maximize cost savings and provide a high degree of customer services.
5 Assists with analyzing the business potential of leisure markets.
6 Maintains and develops customer base by suggesting products and services which meet and exceed client expectations.
7 Communicates well with vendors, clients and related parties within the organization.
8 Uses judgment in regular interaction with clients, vendors and related parties.
9 Consults with your superiors or experienced colleagues when troubleshooting.
10 Understands one’s function from an organizational perspective and consults with one’s superiors when troubleshooting daily activities.


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