Job: Business Operation Staff ($45K/Yr~ *DOE) (Manhattan, NY)

Title Business Operation Staff ($45K/Yr~ *DOE) (Manhattan, NY)
Categories Sales職系, 事務職系
Posted Date October 24, 2019
Salary $45K/Yr~ *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
Job Information

◆ポジション:Business Operation Staff (Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Service Activation Staff)

◆条件:Purchase、IT Customer Support、Sales Supportの経験者が望ましい。
未経験でも可能。 (ただし、未経験者の場合の最低条件は、企業でのOffice Work を要2年以上の経験が好ましい)

◆Job Description
1. Title of Job
Business Operation Staff, Business Operation Department
(Sales Order, Purchase Order, Service Activation Staff)
2. Job Descriptions
A) Placing Order (Purchase Order) for Internet Circuits / Service Activation / Order Tracking
• Monitors and receives incoming sales order (service orders – new / change / cancel) from sales department and places orders to service provider, supplier, and subcontractor.
• Tracks orders placed to service provider, supplier, and subcontractor until complete service activation and closing phases on time. Updates and shares status of orders and information with engineers, sales department and other internal staff members time to time.
• Communicates with customers for the status of on-going orders and service activation.
• Coordinate with customer and service provider, supplier, and subcontractor for service activation.
B) Purchase Order and Vendor Control
• Communicates with carrier vendors, equipment vendors, and data center providers to obtain necessary quotes for placing orders and to place orders them.
• Reviews terms and conditions of orders and find out possible pitfalls form it prior to placing orders and report to supervisor.
• Tracks and control manages shipping status and arranges date with vendors or data center providers regarding delivery.
C) Control of Service Asset
• With following internal workflow, tracks and updates on in-house database for outgoing and returning customer router, as well as addition and disposal of internal service equipment, backbone equipment, warranty of equipment, and software license accurately.
D) Record Keeping
• Keeps records of order related information into internal database or other systems.
• Processes necessary internal paper work related to orders.
E) Billing Tracking
• Reviews vendor invoices with accounting team if necessary.
F) Business Operation Staff Support
• With teamwork, covers job tasks, in case of absence of other business operation staffs.
3. Reporting
This position reports to General Manager, Business Operation, or to other persons designated by
President & CEO.

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