Job: Assistant Producer in TV News (Manhattan, NY) ($28K/Yr ~ *DOE) (Non Exempt)

Title Assistant Producer in TV News (Manhattan, NY) ($28K/Yr ~ *DOE) (Non Exempt)
Categories Creative, その他専門職系
Posted Date March 2, 2021
Salary $28K/Yr ~ *DOE
Location Manhattan, NY
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◆Job Title: Assistant Producer (Non-exempt)
◆Department: TV News

Perform North, South and Central American news-gathering activities for broadcast in Japan,
including news research and on-location producing.

TV News
Research news story ideas and create proposals for THE COMPANY and affiliates’ news programs on a daily basis.
Coordinate with the Engineering department in setting up crews, satellite bookings, coverage requirements and additional outside technical support.
Collect information, set up interviews, and coordinate travel arrangements for any potential news, projects or breaking news.
Go on location and perform troubleshooting, researching, translating, directing, coordinating, driving, editing and footage transmission duties for THE COMPANY and affiliates’ news programs.
Keep up-to-date with the news through newspapers, news wires, magazines, TV monitors, Internet and Lexis Nexis.
Alert the NY Bureau Chief and/or Foreign News Desk in Tokyo for any breaking news.
Monitor AP and Reuter news sources, newspapers, magazines, television monitors for current and breaking news.
Perform other related duties as assigned and required.
Perform other duties assigned from time to time by THE COMPANY Management.


Bachelor’s Degree in Media/Communications or any related field with 1-2 years experience in news production or media/journalism. Possess broad knowledge of topics in different areas.
Bilingual in English and Japanese with native English and ability to read and write in Japanese. Strong communication skills.
Ability to drive in different locations. Good follow through. Strong interpersonal skills.

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